I work with parents to improve family connection

empowering them to combat technology traps, one boundary at a time

Coaching & services

  • Individual and Group coaching
  • Device Set up
  • Childhood 2.0 Showings
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Is your family clear on what the technology boundaries are and why?

What my families say

Insightful, thoughtful, and empowering sessions with Gayle have helped me find clarity, direction and confidence. From the initial free session to in-depth coaching, Gayle listens intently, and really hears me. She asks appropriate questions in a supportive manner which allows for deeper exploration and understanding. I have been to a variety of therapists and psychologists, but find Gayle’s coaching to be a more effective and empowering technique for me personally.
Three of Gayle’s greatest assets as a Life Coach are her empathy, her passion for helping others and her life experiences. She is a working mom, the mother of a teenage boy and a tween girl, a wife, a daughter of divorced parents, a sister and an immigrant. She has survived a myriad of life’s difficulties and heartaches including flooding and a health crisis and she is currently navigating the challenges of parenting children who are part of the first generation born into the digital age. She’s certainly “been there, done that, got the T-shirt” and all of that experience equips her to expertly help others facing the same or similar situations. She is kind, but practical and forthright in her coaching and I have benefited greatly, on both the personal and professional fronts, from my time with her.
Gayle helped me process and prioritize my feelings with recent job loss and medical problems with my youngest child. After meeting with her, I was able to refocus my energy and leave the shame I was feeling behind to move forward. I am grateful for her help.