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Hiring a coach is investing in yourself and your family. It’s a place without judgment to explore the information you already have or need to find that’s right for you and your family. The free introductory call is an opportunity for us to see if we work well together and this is the right investment for you to take your life to the next level.

This is YOUR time.

Clients utilize this time to discuss things that need some clarity, or support, areas where one feels stuck or unable to make a decision.

Everything discussed is confidential.


60 minute one on one session

I’d like to work with you

Congratulations! You’ve decided that you could benefit from working with me!

Now what?

Schedule a one time or recurring weekly one hour session. Everyone’s needs and priorities are different, you bring the topic each time. The goal is to provide you with a safe place where you can get clarity / support / accountability and feel confident about the challenges you are facing. Please note: There are discounts for booking multiple sessions at once.

Please read Client Responsibilities and FAQ prior to this session.

$125 per session
Group Coaching

90 minute Group Session

When Available.

Groups are 4 – 8 people. Everyone in the group is required to adhere to the group’s guidelines and policies. We gain so much from feeling part of the human race and knowing we are not alone in our struggles. We learn much from other peoples similar struggles. Group sessions help create a powerful feeling of belonging in a safe judgment free zone.

$50 per person
Parental Controls

device set up

Does your child already have a device? Or are you planning to introduce a new device?

Do you have that nagging feeling that you “should” set up some time limits, content filtering and/or monitor what your child is doing online, but haven’t for one reason or another?

Let me help by doing it for you. This is only available for clients that live near or are willing to drive to The Woodlands / Conroe Texas area.

starting at $100 depending on devices
Gayle Cheatham Speaking
. Addiction to internet and social networks


Speaking Events

I come to your location and speak about a predetermined topic that’s relevant to your audience.

Topics can include, but are not limited to…

  • Human Connection and Technology.
  • What’s so bad about kids and technology?
  • How do I protect my child from the negative side of technology?
  • How do I balance my child needing technology for school or their future employment and being a “regular kid”
  • How do I balance my needing to work/connect on technology and being there for my children.
  • Why do I feel helpless or guilty about setting boundaries?

As much as we love our spouses, parents and friends

my experience has shown me that the people closest to us have a vested interest that can cloud or bias their motives and opinions.

They are well intended, but often the result is that I can easily be swayed into following their ideas instead of my own. When this happens it’s more difficult for me to follow through or I feel like I’ve left myself down by not parenting authentically. When it comes to technology, this happens frequently, because I can doubt my expertise in the area and default to an “authority figure”.