My Why…

I don’t know about you, but many of the conversations I have with other parents most days involve how to manage technology in our children’s lives.

We are the first generation of parents who are raising kids in a world where anything you want to know, or see, or hear is at the click of one button (or rather screen icon).

For those that have been able to avoid buying their children a phone until middle school, we now find that there are school apps, social media and communication that necessitates your child having a phone.

There are so many positives about technology; I enjoy the wealth of knowledge and experience at my fingertips, many job functions are more streamlined, I have the ability to work from home because of technology and answer emails and calls wherever I am, I am able to see my 91 year old grandmother in South Africa and keep in touch with other family around the world, I’m able to search math tutorials to help my kids with homework, and the list goes on and on.

However, as I’ve mentioned to many of my friends, “Technology is like sex”. There is so much value, joy and satisfaction it can bring to our lives IF we know how to protect and educate ourselves, but there is equally, if not more harm that can come from ignoring the inherent dangers that come with such powerful capabilities.

My goal for creating this site is to create a positive safe community for parents, grandparents, teachers and guardians who all share in the struggles and solutions for parenting in today’s technological world.

More than tips and tools to keep kids safe, I’d like to approach this on a more cerebral and emotional level.

Selfish reasons include wanting to feel like I’m not alone in these struggles, build a sense of community to share knowledge and ideas, hold myself accountable by putting it “out there” and keep these issues on the forefront of our mind so that we can be better prepared to guide our youth!